Hold the phone guys, everything is about to change – for businesses on Facebook anyway. Mark Zuckerberg recently released this statement on his Facebook account which basically states that Facebook is moving towards a more social experience for users.

Facebook changes are happening again and in a big way.

Do you remember the days when you could go onto Facebook and find photos from the latest party or hang-out with your friends? Now I’m talking way back, circa 2007. The Zuckerberg said himself, Facebook was built to help people stay connected and bring us closer to those that matter.

Since then Facebook has changed becoming more news-based with posts from various businesses, large and small. Personally, I disliked this change but like all things that change often (I’m looking at you Apple updates), you eventually become accustomed to it.

From a personal point of view, this new change has me excited to see what these Facebook changes mean.
From a marketing perspective, it’s looking like a whole other ball-game.

Businesses are now going to have to adjust their Facebook marketing strategies according to the upcoming changes.

So what’s changing?

In an article written by Adam Mosseri, he goes on to explain three main things about this new Facebook update.

Upcoming Facebook Changes

Currently, Facebook content that comes up in your newsfeed is based on ‘top results’ or popularity. This popularity is judged based on the number of views, likes, comments and shares your post gets.

With the new Facebook update, content that comes up higher in your newsfeed will again be based on the amount of engagement it receives but they will also be judging the type of engagement.

What will work better on Facebook?

Content that ‘sparks conversation and meaningful interactions between people’.

What won’t work on Facebook?

A lot of the public content you see on pages now – likes, comments, tagging a friend and sharing a post.

It seems like Facebook is backtracking to its roots, where you will once again be able to see what friends and family have been getting up to in their day-to-day.

Implications For Businesses With A Facebook Page

Everyone with a Facebook page will have to reevaluate their current strategy. No longer will whipping up a generic giveaway asking for likes, comments and shares help to grow your reach.

Facebook is pushing for genuine interactions between people and the longer those interactions are, the higher your post will show up in your follower’s news feed. Since interactions between friends and family are likely genuine, other public content (from your business page) will be shown less – including video.

Facebook reps have said that the analytics will vary from page to page but all pages, not just some, may see changes in their reach and engagement. It’s been mentioned time and time again but genuine engagement is the big key factor in the upcoming Facebook changes.

The more interaction occurring on your post, the higher your post will be.

So What Type Of Posts Will Work?

Any content that creates discussion and encourages engagement.

  1. Live video will be rated higher than other video content because it encourages engagement over passive watching.
  2. Group content will do well and continue to show up on your News Feed because the purpose of groups is to encourage discussion amongst members.
  3. Relevant content targeting your local community like updates and events could encourage interaction.
  4. News content could also still generate discussion if it is relevant, novel or important to the community.

My Thoughts On These Facebook Changes

The digital marketing person in me is actually kind of pleased that ‘engagement-baiters’ will no longer be reaping easy rewards. The creative ideas side of me is rubbing her hands together in glee at the thought of a new puzzle to solve. Digital marketing is my bread and butter guys and I love brainstorming new strategies to try.

While writing this post, an email newsletter arrived in my inbox from Erin May Henry of The May Collective and one quote, in particular, stood out to me.

Anticipate, embrace and adapt to change

I completely agree with that statement, especially in terms of the digital marketing and social media industry.

Everything is changing and everything will continue to change.

You can either jump aboard with the changes, or stop and falter; never changing, never growing.

Facebook Update Marketing Strategies

As a newly formed business and brand, I have yet to even finalise my brand’s Facebook page (I know, not good enough). And if I’m being honest I did have a moment of self-doubt over this momentous task of having to grow an audience and deal with the Facebook changes.

But I soon got over that hurdle and my brain has been thinking up different tactics and strategies I might implement with these upcoming Facebook changes.

In fact, something I am interested in sharing with my audience is the digital marketing strategies I am using myself to grow The Social Cake. Since this new update has been a bit of ‘breaking news’, my Facebook strategies are what you get first dibs on seeing.

Here are just a few of the ideas I’m planning on trying with these upcoming Facebook changes:

Live Video

Ephemeral content (content that is up for a limited amount of time) is still on the rise in social media and is predicted to continue rising over the next year. Live video is similar in that it allows a less scripted, more current and personalised appeal to viewers.

I’m planning on using live video as my main content piece on Facebook. The type of content I want to share via live video will be content I’m currently sharing on this blog, on other social channels and through my email newsletter.

Use Of My Personal Profile

This strategy is risky but one that I am willing to trial. I’m still planning on keeping my current business page but since it hasn’t gained an audience yet (it isn’t even public), I need to somehow direct followers there.

One way I want to do this is by sharing important updates relevant to my industry on my personal Facebook page. For example, this very Facebook update is something that will eventually be more known amongst general users of Facebook. I’m hoping to use relevant industry current events like this as a bridge to my business page on Facebook.

I’ll be reviewing the results of this in a couple of months.

Normal Video Content

Despite what the Facebook gurus say, I am willing to trial shorter video content that encourages discussion amongst viewers. I do believe that video is definitely growing on social media, regardless of what Facebook is doing. But I would like to see how it fares in comparison with live video.

Become A Top Priority

Facebook isn’t getting rid of public content completely, they’re just making it less of a priority. But you can get your public content seen at the top of News Feeds by getting on your audiences ‘see it first’ list.

A strategy that would be beneficial for your Facebook page would be to condition your audience to set your page as a ‘see it first’ priority. Obviously, I don’t mean to constantly bang on about ‘subscribing’ to your Facebook page content with followers.

Instead, the strategy I want to use is to become so informativehelpful and genuine in the content I produce that followers want to put me on their ‘see it first’ list.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes? And how do you plan to adapt your own strategies?

Sarita Taurima is all about digital marketing and social media. When she isn’t using some form of technology, she spends time with her family or works on her fantasy novel series. She also uploads weekly to Youtube with videos on organisation, productivity, goal-setting and digital marketing.